Programs & Services

Steps To Success Recovery Society has developed and continues to evolve a program that focuses on long term recovery from addiction but also concurrent problems an individual may face.

When an individual has made the decision to come into recovery it is usually because they have hit “rock bottom” – they are broken, tired, and searching for a solution to their addiction.

We offer a first-stage and second-stage program with a smooth and slow transition between each stage. When a participant comes into our program, we begin to build a rapport with them by building a personal service plan. It is adapted regularly to assist them as a person grows so they do not become vulnerable to relapse. We work in a strengths-based model.

Each human being is very different from the next. Steps To Success attempts to identify these variables and work in a person-centered setting and provide programs that have minimal barriers for each participant.

Muay Thai

A certified instructor comes to the facility weekly and leads a Muay Thai class that is open to any person that would like to participate. Muay Thai teaches discipline, empowerment and a healthy way to let go of negative energies.

Art Therapy

Expression through creativity is a positive outlet that is offered by one of our on-site Addictions Counselors. You will often find art that participants have created hanging around the facility.

Trauma and Grief Counselling

Trauma and Grief Counselling is offered regularly as it is very common for our participants to have suffered trauma in their lifetime and specifically with the opioid crisis, many people have suffered a great deal of loss and is not given ample time to grieve. Providing Trauma and Grief Counselling is a very important area that Steps To Success believes is a major avenue towards success in recovery.

Anger Management

Offered in a group setting, a facilitator comes in weekly to teach healthy ways to cope with anger as well as identifying the emotions around the anger.

Step / Traditions Group

As a 12-Step based program we have various members within the 12-Step community come into the facility and provide a Step and/or Traditions group with participants who are not actively participating in some form of step work with another member within the 12-Step community.

Case Planning and Life Skills

When a participant arrives at Steps To Success we build a plan focusing on goals, strengths and needs. We work with each individual to support them in obtaining their goals in recovery, and around specific areas. These areas may be, but are not limited to: family, school/work, recovery, relapse prevention, housing, legal and emotional/mental/physical health. We support clients by teaching and enhancing life skills such as budgeting, cooking, cleaning, accountability and passing it on to the next person who struggles.

In-House Group

Steps To Success provides in-house groups that are adapted based on the group currently in the facility. Often topics that are covered are boundaries, relapse prevention, relationships, medication management and conflict resolution. We provide one-to-one sessions with clients as needed with our Addictions Counselors.

Fun In Recovery

Steps To Success believes that a vital part of long term recovery is having fun without the use of mind-altering substances. Every Tuesday Steps To Success provides a pizza night that is open to friends in the community who would like join us before we all head out to a meeting. We plan outings that fit the current group in the facility. Some examples may include, but are not limited to: paintball, beach days, camping, off-roading, etc.


Steps To Success works with Salim, a pharmacist with People’s Pharmacy, who assisted in building and maintaining a medication program that is at a Provincial and College standard. Salim is available to speak with clients directly about the medication program, specific medications or any other questions one may have.