I walked into Steps To Success broken down, I’m coming up to my 90 days clean, I’ve got my job back, I’m connected in the recovery community, I’ve got a sponsor and some great friends who are walking with me along my journey of recovery. I genuinely believe that this place has given me a new opportunity at life and a better way to live. If you’re reading this wondering if you can get clean, don’t give up. Keep stepping in the right direction. Give it an honest chance. Steps To Success is a great place to start doing that.

~ Steve L.

My name is Trevor and I’m a recovering drug addict. There’s such a stigma surrounding the word “addict”, but the key word in that sentence is recovering – and I’m doing so every day. The opposite of addiction is connection, and that, I believe, is what saved me from myself. Growing up I always had a really tough time connecting with people so I always felt like I was alone, which is where my using started. I thought I had these friends I’d met through partying and using, but the only reason they put on a facade of being a friend was dependent upon the amount of drugs or money I had. So due to that, I felt I’d never have any real connection, nor did I feel like I deserved it. That was until I found recovery through Steps To Success. I’d never felt so accepted and that people actually cared I was there until I walked through the front door. I was showed that I deserved more, and I was worth more than my skewed thinking was telling me. I’ve made connections with people there that are dependent upon our level of intimacy, trust, and respect – opposed to just having something that people saw they could extort from me. Today I am over a year clean off any substances – thanks to the connections I’ve made and Steps To Success for a safe, comfortable environment to make these life-changing decisions in.

A special thanks to Steve, Iesha, and Chris for making this valuable opportunity available for me and many others.

~ Trevor C.

My name is Lamont and I am an addict. I’ve battled addiction since the age of 10… As our literature says, “jails, institutions and death” – they are a major part of my past. I committed senseless, petty crimes to feed my addiction. Born into a family of addicts, I saw no wrong in living my life the way I was. Recovery was never an option in my eyes. The thought of having to give up numbing the pain of my childhood – the thought of having to deal with life on life’s terms – was more frightening than death to me. The last time I was arrested, I was introduced to an alternative to prison. This program gave me a choice: incarceration or recovery. I was so tired of running. So exhausted of living a life of crime and drugs. This is my first attempt at recovery. I am writing this testimonial at 14 months clean and sober. Steps To Success has helped me see my full potential. Chris, Iesha, and Steve gave me the opportunity of a lifetime by making me the house manager. To be able to not only have their trust, respect and to help ensure that our house runs smoothly, but also to be a positive and motivating part of the other men in the houses recovery is an indescribable feeling. Today, I believe that I am someone for people who are struggling with addiction can look up to. Steps To Success saved my life! I no longer live in the horrors of my past. I am no longer a victim of circumstance. I am a man with a bright future. And for that I am forever grateful!

~ Lamont B.

My first introduction to soft drugs was in 8th Grade. It was hashish which led to smoking pot, trying LSD and mushrooms in the 11th and 12th Grades. I only did LSD and mushrooms about 10 times. Where I grew up in Tsawwassen, it was normal to go to either beach or house parties almost every weekend. There was lots of booze and mostly pot, sometimes other types of drugs. I graduated Grade 12 and went to BCIT for three years for my electrical. I got married and started a family. Took a break from tech school. I joined my dad’s family business in electronics. I was there for 16 years, had three beautiful children and got divorced. My partying slowed down after we split and I signed back up for my last year at BCIT. There was an 8-month waiting period, so I got a job building a new school as carpenters helper. Three months into the job, I had a serious accident. I severed 3 1/2 fingers on my right hand. I had operations on it, I was on 250 Percocets a month. This accident was in October of 2000. In 2009 I met a young girl, this is when I tried crack for the first time in my life. What a fucking mistake. I went into recovery in September 15th, 2015. This is my first attempt at recovery. I was in 2 other places, before coming to Steps To Success. As soon as I got here I could tell this was where I would get what I was missing to get myself ready to move back into society again. The directors of the house care about your recovery, mental and spiritual growth. It’s a very clean house. I have a great family, but now I have a second family and new clean friends. This month I will celebrate two years clean. I couldn’t have got here without the help and support from everyone at Steps To Success.

~ Dave M.